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5 ways to get the most value from hiring a skip

February 11, 2021

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to dispose of a significant quantity of waste is by hiring a quality skip hire company. In a short amount of time, you can be rid of all your unnecessary debris or mess and have it taken away for you. Although this is a straight-forward operation, there are always a few things to bear in mind when loading up the skip, to make sure that the waste disposal process is effective and that problems are encountered.

In this post, you’ll find 5 things you need to know about before filling your skip.

Select the right size skip for your project

Before you hire a skip, you’ll have to find out how much storage you need your skip to have. Skips come in a variety of sizes that accommodate a range of applications, and the costs depend on the yardage. If your project enables you to accumulate all the things you have to put in your skip in one place, begin by separating them by size and shape so that you can determine what things will go where and how to get the most of the storage. We have four skips sizes available which you can choose from according to your requirements and projects. You can contact us to get advice and schedule your skip hire.

Understand what you can and cannot put into a skip

A considerable number of people make the mistake of putting the wrong kinds of waste products into a skip. To stop this easy error, make sure to contact your skip provider to supply you with a list of things that are restricted from being placed in a skip. Here are some items that cannot be placed in a skip container:

• Asbestos
• Poisonous Chemicals
• Flammable products
• Big Batteries
• Hospital Debris (surgical needles, biological waste etc.)

You may even tell the skip hire provider about the waste products you’re going to dispose of in the skip in advance. They will then help to ensure you hire the right skip size to fulfil your needs.

Do not overfill skips

When filling the skip, make a note of the fill level of the skip container. There are cases in which people load needless waste into their skip, in particular items such as glass, plastic and cardboard that can be recycled as part of their weekly waste collection by the local authority. These situations arise primarily because they keep loading their skip without holding a record of the volume of the skip. Overfilling can render the skip dangerous for transportation and handling, it is, therefore, unlawful to transport overloaded skips and can place penalties on the skip hire company. It may be necessary to ask you to remove some items, please call us if in any doubt.

Load the skip as efficiently as possible

If you want to get as much waste as possible into the skip you need to load it in an efficient manner. Ideally you should begin with flat items like plasterboard, plywood and wood that may be laid flat. Next, put in big and cumbersome objects like old coffee tables and domestic junk, cut down larger items like massive tree legs into tiny chunks, strip all arms and legs from chairs, and deconstruct old equipment. Lightweight items like green waste and dirt should go to the top.

Try to avoid air pockets in the skip

When loading your skip, try to stack it as tightly as possible to eliminate holes and pockets of air. Remember how you prepare your pre-flight suitcases? Stuffing personal items in each centimetre of your suitcases? The same idea should be enough to fill your skip container. Think of it as a puzzle, consider slotting small objects in the centre of bulkier items that will help you to get the most waste into the skip and in a stable manner. Another suggestion is to attempt to fill empty items such as barrels and baskets with other waste.


We have listed some of the issues you’re supposed to remember when you load up your skip effectively. The forms of waste, the volume of storage you would use, and also the handling of waste; these considerations should be taken into account when hiring a skip.
If you are looking for the correct skip for your project, we have a variety of sizes and features that you can choose from. Click here to see our skip sizes and prices or contact us on 01727 843 861 and we will suggest you the best skip solution for your needs.

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