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How hiring a skip can help you manage your waste responsibly

January 29, 2021

Skip hire companies are an essential resource for home owners for everything from clearing clutter to large-scale home improvements, such as kitchen or bathroom refits. Skip hire is also often essential to the safe and efficient handling of construction waste from building sites.  Whether you own a home or a building company, it is your responsibility to manage the waste produced from your property or project cleanly and responsibly.

But if you are still not sure whether you need skip hire or not, here are some of the biggest advantages and how it helps to manage waste products:

They are convenient

It’s very easy to hire a skip. Give us a call, so we can understand your requirements, and we will deliver a skip to your home or work place. Skips come in a variety of sizes and specifications. If you need a container for garden waste, building waste, general household garbage, or something else, a skip will help you eliminate all your waste with minimal effort. No need to transport your waste to the local dump or recycling centre, the skip will be picked up when full or when you have finished your project.

They come in a variety of sizes

We have a wide range of skips to satisfy all requirements. So, by hiring a skip you will get rid of your waste in one go.

Let’s take a closer look at all the skip sizes and what they can be used for:

4 cubic yard skip – this skip is designed to handle roughly 40 wide bin bags and is regarded as the “midi” skip. This one is ideally equipped for kitchen and bathroom upgrades, as well as more big gardening ventures.
6 cubic yard skip – this size is the most commonly employed skip in the UK and is called the standard ‘builders skip.’ Suitable for cumbersome garbage and can carry roughly 60 wide bin bags, these skips are usually used on building sites but could be used for larger domestic ventures.
8 cubic yards skip – commonly regarded as “builders skip,” the 8-yard skip is undoubtedly tailored to bigger projects and is mostly used for commercial and construction projects but can also be used for big domestic activities.
• 12 – 16 cubic yard skip – also regarded as roll-on roll-off skip, they are employed for major tasks. They are famous for stores and manufacturing facilities and are used for bigger, bulky yet lightweight products. They are occasionally used for domestic ventures and are widely used for production and commercial sites for vast volumes of waste like debris, timber, concrete, etc.

They are relatively inexpensive

Hiring a skip container is one of the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive ways to get rid of garbage. It would also spare you the work and energy wasted moving the garbage to the waste sites yourself. Hiring a man-with-a-van or a lorry to remove your own waste works out more expensive in nearly all cases.

They help to preserve the environment

This process of careful handling of waste would also serve to protect the environment. In this way, you’re giving any or most of the garbage for recycling. Proper handling of waste is also important since it contributes to a clean and healthy atmosphere.

Improves safety of workers

If refurbishment or building work is going on in your house, there is a high chance that you will have to put up with waste like steel, iron, concrete, etc. Getting this kind of waste scattered throughout your home will have a huge effect on the wellbeing of your family members and site workers. To prevent accidents and severe injury, and to maintain hygiene, you should use skip containers to allow you to dispose of the waste properly. Not only can it make the site secure, but it will also keep it tidy.

Helps ensure recycling of waste products

Proper separation of waste products has immense advantages. Not only does it help to separate reconcilable waste from household waste, but it is also important to reduce the pressure on landfill. When the skip is processed, the recyclable products are separated from household waste.  Recycling is essential for the conservation of natural resources and also serves to protect the atmosphere from contamination.


So, if you’d like to dispose of and eliminate your waste responsibly, hire a professional business that provides quality skips at reasonable rates. Skip hire service can make your life simpler and allow you to dispose of your waste in a convenient manner. If you are looking for a reliable skip hire services at an affordable price, click here to view our skip hire sizes and prices. Alternatively please call us 01727 843 861 and we will advise.

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