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Rubbish Removal and skip hire during lockdown

March 9, 2021

Given all that’s happening around the world, you might be curious to know if skip hire is worth worrying about right now. The response is yes, for a variety of reasons. People are spending more time in their houses, so it makes total sense that they’d like to make the most out of their property. This has given rise to a pattern of changes and renovations as unfinished DIY jobs are done, bedrooms are renovated, and homes are updated. From the conversion of a space into a home office to the tidying of the house to create a more Zen-like atmosphere, the building waste and rubbish that has been cleaned has to go elsewhere, and hiring a skip is one of the best solutions

With limited capacity at tips and long queues during 2021, productive waste management can still be carried out with a skip hire provided straight to your driveway. You can use them to dispose of just about anything, like old outdoor furniture and anything you may like to get dispose of when you empty your house. Here are some more reasons how skip hire has been beneficial during the lockdown.

More spare time for household tasks

It seems doubtful that complete operating procedures will return to normal for everyone in the next few months. This means that more people have time on their hands to get to grips with the home tasks they’ve put off.

Domestic clearance using skip is a perfect way to declutter your house, garden, garage, workshop or loft since it ensures you can keep busy and build space in your home again. If you were meant to get to work with your garden or decorate rooms in your house, it’s a perfect time to do so. The days are getting longer and the temperature is more conducive. All you need is a skip to decrease the level of the waste and debris made, and a small skip of six or eight yards can be quick to get delivered. Making the best of this moment means that as life returns to usual, you’re not going to have time for all the fun things in life.

Pressure on local waste management units

The re-opening of the landfill sites might sound like an indication that things were going back to normal, but it also brought with it a greater issue. Although local authorities have urged residents not to hurry to their local waste site, it is difficult for people – particularly those who have been struggling to dispose of their waste – to avoid getting this job out of the way and make use of the amenities. The has lead to long waits to get to those sites. With our skip hire service, you can secure a contactless way to get rid of the waste and prevent frequent visits to a local government site that is still struggling to manage demand.

Health and Safety

Whether you’ve been hard at work renovating your kitchen, digging through your shed, or taming your garden jungle, you’re going to get some waste accumulated. Although this is a positive thing, it could quickly become a risk, and wellbeing is something we’re all extremely conscious of right now.

Not only does waste look unsightly, but it could also pose a safety threat if your estate may not have a lot of rooms. You don’t want to hurt yourself or someone else with sacks or rubbish or collapsing brick and debris structures. Plus, let’s admit it, nobody likes to have piles of rubbish in their garden. If the work is done, you want the feeling of accomplishment – which is made possible by skip. You simply just have to call us and schedule your skip to be delivered to your doorstep.


If you need us or not, here at Deamer LTD, we have been working in the lockdown to help prevent the build-up of waste in the area. The decision to proceed was intentional and we quickly put in motion social distancing and hygiene procedures – trying to keep our employees and consumers healthy in those situations where waste control and skip hire were required as a matter of urgent priority. To schedule a household skip or some other domestic project skip you have in mind, just email us today or give us a call.


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