When is a suitable time to hire a skip?

March 31, 2021

It could be time to hire a skip if you need to take numerous trips to and from the waste disposal site to handle any of the biggest tasks around your house. Whether the garden is cleared, the house stripped or the kitchen taken apart before a new one installed, a skip may make a huge challenge more manageable.

But if you are indecisive and don’t feel that it is the right time for you to hire a skip, then you have landed at the right spot. Let us clarify you some indicators that tell you when the time is right.

Your normal waste collection won’t take the items

It’s not going to be a long time before the waste disposing task that you have been long avoiding will start haunting you. If this is happening, it is time to hire a skip to complete the task because it is the easiest and most cost-effective way to eliminate the waste. That is a lot of waste. Our skips are an easy and stress-free way to remove waste when you are part-way through a renovation project.

You need to clear away accumulated waste

No-one wants to muck around (literally!)while there’s a major clean-up or repair job at hand. You’re trying to just get the work completed and to get it done fast. Driving your waste to the landfill is long and unpleasant, not to mention expensive. Getting the freedom to stroll out your front door and chuck your waste into a skip is incredible when you’re knee-deep in decluttering or squeezing through the debris. Hiring a skip from us helps you to concentrate on the key elements of every clean-up task, rather than thinking about what comes next. You don’t have to raise a finger until you’ve loaded your skip. Your skip will be driven out of view and out of your control automatically after you are done loading it up.

You are renovating or remodelling your house

Home repairs tend to make a lot of waste. If you remain in your home through the construction, the persistent state of chaos and the growing volume of waste can be daunting. Keep the home repair work on the site clean with a skip. If you’re remodelling the toilet, you might go for a 4yard skip. Bigger renovations involving dinners and living spaces might involve a 6yard skip. The encouraging news is that as soon as you load a skip, you will prepare for it to be emptied and a fresh one to be placed in position. Contact us to know more about different sizes of skips made to fulfil the requirements of different projects.

You have decided to declutter

Whether it’s time to spring clean, get rid of the old paperback novels cluttering the garage or the clothing you have not dressed in since the 1980s, hiring  a skip will make your work simpler. There are only so many of your discarded things that you can give away, sell or donate. The skip is the best cure for decluttering activities concerning the old household items such as toys, clothing, shoes, old books and magazines, even furniture, which is not good enough to take to a charity shop or sell. While you’ve got a skip, make the best use of it. Be brutal in your clean up and just get it all out.

You are looking for an eco-friendly waste disposal solution

If any of the above statements are true, you should contact us on our website or give us a call because we have the perfect skip for you. When you hire a skip, you don’t have to think about sorting the recyclables. If you choose a DEAMERLTD skip, all the waste gathered from your skip will be taken to the recycling station for the recyclables to be discarded. This makes the work much simpler and minimises needless landfill.


Hiring skips are a very convenient way of handling and disposing of waste. If you have a task, large or small, which includes clearing waste from your home or office site, please contact Deamer LTD for a free quotation and waste disposal advice.


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