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5 Tips To Choosing The Right Demolition Contractor

February 25, 2021

Are you looking for a demolition contractor for commercial or residential purposes? At Dreamer ltd we understand the complexities of demolition and our team of contractors is specialise in efficiently planning the demolition process. We know how important it is to choose the right demolition contractor, who works within the boundaries of the relevant health and safety codes. The nature of the job means that the demolition contractor you hire should be able to devise an efficient and safe plan in the pre-demolition stage. It is natural to have doubts when it comes to choosing the perfect demolition contractor which is why we have listed a few tips that might help you in reaching a conclusive decision about your groundwork contractor.

1. Go through the company’s track record

Analysing the track record of completed projects by your demolition contractor will help tell you how important working to a deadline is to the contractor. At Dreamer ltd, we have completed an extensive range of projects in Hertfordshire and North London, all within the specified deadline, which is a testament to the efficiency and timeliness of our services.

Our projects include demolition for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential purposes. We will cater to your timeline without compromising on the quality. We also specialise in performing emergency services for our clients.

2. References and Feedback

A good idea would be to talk to past clients and read reviews on the website and google of your demolition contractor. If you’re looking for a way to differentiate you can head to the testimonials section of our website where you will find extensive feedback from our previous customers. The reviews from our clients are concrete evidence of our professionalism, punctuality and the safety precautions that we follow.

3. Ask for an quote

Due to the extensive nature of the work, demolition projects are expensive. The pricing for demolition projects can have two extremes, some contractors ask for extremely high prices, while others charge significantly lower prices but deliver low-quality work. At Dreamer ltd, we offer competitive price ranges with an excellent service to back our prices. Our team of professionals would be happy to provide you with an estimate, free of charge.

4. Check that the contractor is fully insured

Asking your demolition contractor for a proof of their license and insurance is a smart move as it protects you from any liability that could present itself in the future. We understand the complex nature of demolition which is why all of our demolition and groundwork contractors are fully licensed and insured. We are in possession of full public liability insurance and our work is fully guaranteed in order to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

5. Do they have all the required equipment?

Last but not the least, make sure the groundwork contractor you opt for is not using outdated or inferior equipment and has the correct tools to complete the job in a safe and effective manner. Keeping in mind the necessity of using up-to-date equipment, we utilise a range of different machinery from JCB. We don’t rely on third-party companies for our equipment, which is why we have constructed our own plant. Our wide range of machinery will cater to any project, no matter how big or small it is. We understand the safety risks attached with demolition projects and we have ensured that our machinery is fully certified and insured. In addition, the methods and tools used by us are in compliance with even the most rigorous environmental standards thus putting health as our number one priority.

Finally don’t forget site clearance – in addition to the things mentioned above, another thing to keep in mind is to ask your chosen demolition contractor if they offer site clearance services or not. Our highly effective machinery is capable of professionally cleaning the site after the task is complete. To promote environmental safety, we try to recycle as much waste as we can.

We hope the tips mentioned above will help you to choose a suitable demolition contractor.


All demolition projects come with their own challenges but the way your contractor deals with the complexities will determine the end result. Therefore, it is essential to choose a contractor that has extensive experience of this kind of job and has the necessary equipment available. At Dreamer ltd, we have carefully crafted a team of professionals who are experts in their field, have excellent problem-solving skills, are time efficient and are highly experienced in complex demolition projects.

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