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Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Grab Lorry Hire

August 2, 2021

If you have a construction project starting soon, you are well aware that it will require building supplies and a competent labour force. You must locate a reputable supplier that can provide the appropriate quality and quantity of items at a fair price. You may also be thinking about how you will gather all of the building supplies and place them where they will be needed or how you will dispose of waste products when they are no longer required. This is where grab lorry hire comes into play. But there are a few factors you should consider when choosing a grab hire lorry or service –

What Kind Of Waste You Will Be Creating?

Everyone has a distinct purpose for utilising the services of a grab lorry. There are several factors to consider while picking which firm to use. It would be best if you began by thinking about why you are employing one. Waste disposal services for rent can handle a wide range of waste kinds. There are individual restrictions to what each firm will provide, as well as legal constraints. Before you request a grab lorry hire to perform anything they can’t, be sure you understand the legal constraints.

Hazardous chemicals might be hidden in seemingly benign substances. Refrigerators are one type of waste product that is more complex than it appears. Toxic compounds are found inside the cooling components and potentially hazardous materials that insulate the fridge itself. When it comes to getting rid of items, you may need to employ a professional. It may come as a surprise to your grab hire operator if you leave perishable or dangerous waste in a container. Make sure you understand what they are expecting.

It’s difficult to tell how much waste you’re producing. Even if you’ve done similar work in the past, each project has a unique set of requirements. Work with a willingness to meet your demands and guarantee that your waste is appropriately handled.

There will be a variety of grab lorry options available. Before committing to a hire you should call the firm and speak with a professional. Tell them what type of project you’re working on and the kinds of waste you will be creating. They should be able to advise on the best option.

What Type Of Grab Lorry Do You Require For Your Project?

When selecting the grab lorry, you want to hire, there are a few factors to consider. One of the most crucial factors to consider is the various types and sizes of lorries available to you since this will play a significant role in the selection you make. Now, there are three commonly acknowledged types/sizes of grab lorries, and here is some information about them:

• 4-wheeler – Grab trucks with four wheels have a total length of 7.8 metres and a max height of 3.7 metres. The maximum grab reach (from the truck) is up to 5.5 metres, with a grab weight ability of up to 8 tonnes.
• 6-wheeler – The 6-wheel options have a total length of 8.1 metres and a total altitude of 3.7 metres. The maximum grab reach (from the truck) is up to 6.2 metres, with a grab weight ability of up to 13 tonnes.
• 8-wheeler – The highest length of an 8-wheeler is 9.1 metres, while the maximum height is 3.7 metres. The max grab reach (from the truck) is up to 7.6 metres, with a maximum grab load of up to 16 tonnes.

Choose the perfect size you think will suit your project and have enough load capacity to complete your task correctly.

Also check they have the correct insurance and license in place before going ahead with them.


If you want to choose the best waste disposal business, you must first know what you’re searching for. Seek out a firm that ticks all of the above boxes. If you are based in North London or Hertfordshire we would be delighted to assist you in determining which service would be an ideal fit for your waste disposal requirements. Contact us at Deamer Ltd, and we will give you free expert guidance.


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